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This page describes any yachts, from bare hulls to complete boats, or model yachting related parts that members have for sale.

New Zealand EC-12 Owners Association Inc. Approved Sails
Manufacturer Rig Price - approx. (postage included)
Blackmagik Sails A (NZ$)$175.00
Power Sails A (NZ$)$175.00
Carr Sails A (US$)$160.00

New Zealand EC-12 Owners Association Inc. Price List as at 01 January 2011
Construction Options Price (NZ$)
Bare hull $250.00
GRP Deck $135.00
Hull & Deck, joined $490.00
Rudder $80.00
Supply & Fit Rudder to Yacht $110.00
Supply & Fit Lead to Yacht $95.00
Supply & Fit circular screw-down Hatch to Yacht $90.00
Hull & Deck, joined - with Lead, Rudder & Hatch Fitted $775.00
Hull & Deck topcoated in a Single Colour $170.00

Confirm pricing before ordering.
All pricing exclusive of Freight costs - if applicable.

Contact Rod Liddy (NZEC12OA Inc. Secretary) for more information;

email - email Class Secretary

phone - 03 352 8824 (hm) 021 353 940 (cell)



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