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NZEC12OA Class Rules

The New Zealand EC-12 Owners Association maintain their own set of class rules applicable to the New Zealand setup and boats.

Whilst not too different to either the American, Australian or British class rules, they have been developed and refined over many years. At the 2006 Morgan Black International Regatta held in Motueka, New Zealand, informal discussions with New Zealand, American, Australian and British entrants surmised that whilst each country has minor differences the overall impression is that all the boats are generally equal and no one variation is outstandingly different - and at the end of the day the skipper with the best setup will win irrespective of hull irregularities and variances.

Given this we all agreed that we should be able to take our boats to each others countries to sail, and no doors would be closed as long as the boat meets its' own local rules and is currently registered with its' home country's official body at the time.

The NZEC12OA Class Rules (last updated February 2014) are available for viewing or download (1096KB PDF) - EC-12 Class Rules

An image of the Sail Plan is available for viewing or download (540KB PDF) - EC-12 Sail Plan

An image of the Rig Plan is available for viewing or download (443KB PDF) - EC-12 Rig Plan



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